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Get PLR to a Proven SEO Training Course That Helps Site Owners Determine Why Their Site Isn't Ranking Well on Google and What They Can Do to Fix It!

From a real SEO expert and trainer. This complete 15-module, 48-part video course with SEO Audit Template will enable your customers to determine what they need to do to help their websites rank better using simple SEO techniques.

Most People Know Using SEO Is The Best Way To Get FREE Targeted Traffic From Google...

Unfortunately, a lot of people think installing an SEO plugin on their WordPress site is all they need to do!

If I can just get this bad boy plugged in, I'll be all set!

But although SEO plugins CAN help with a few practical tasks (like generating a sitemap for you), their main benefit is making it easy to do a few SEO tasks at the time you're writing your posts.

  • A plugin can help you set a proper length for the title and description
  • Helps to set "no index" on content you don't want Google to crawl
  • Helps you set a "canonical url" to avoid duplicate content mistakes
  • Can help with a few other things.

And That's All Good...But It's Not Good Enough!

Here's just a few things you need to check that are beyond the scope of most SEO plugins:

(in no particular order):

  • Make sure there are no broken links
  • Make sure all pages are accessible and crawlable
  • Discover how many clicks it takes for visitors to get to important pages
  • Make sure the pages are mobile-friendly
  • Ensure content is written with good grammar
  • See that content is "sticky"
  • Monitor and avoid high bounce rates
  • Optimize for voice search
  • Make sure pages are cross-linked with keywords in the anchor text
  • Build your domain authority

The list could go on!

And neglecting to check for these critical SEO problems on your site and fixing them can result in...

Loss of ranking

Loss of visitors

Loss of income

But The Good News Is...

When you know WHAT needs to be fixed on your website to make it optimal for Google's algorithms, and when you know HOW to make those necessary changes, SEO becomes a walk in the park.

Help People Learn How to Find and Solve These Tricky SEO Problems Easily With An Effective Training Course Proven To Work!


Hi. This is Joan Altres. I've been providing sellers like yourself with a variety of plr products for reselling since 2011.

This time I've teamed up with expert trainer and coach, Alex Genadinik, to bring you a deluxe training course you can sell as your own.

It will help your buyers of the course understand what SEO problems they need to look for and how to eliminate them easily, using an audit system (SEO audit template included) proven to work (see real testimonials from students below).


"50 Point SEO Audit"

As taught and presented by Alex Genadinik

"50 Point SEO Audit" is a complete 15-module, 48-video training course, created by Alex Genadinik, that has been taught to over 16,000 students on Udemy with a 4.2 overall customer rating. It's being offered to you with PLR at a steep discount for a limited time.

(Wondering how you can get sales for this course when it's being sold on Udemy? See the FAQ section further below)

Get Instant Access to This 15 Module, 48 Video Training Course and Sell It As Your Own!

You'll get to download every module, video, and resource included with this course right away, so you can add it to your own online training site, sell it as your own training product, add it to your paid membership, and you can even use it as a high value optin bribe for high quality leads!

Not An Expert? Not A Problem!

Your PLR license allows you to leverage the expertise of an accomplished trainer (optional):

You can say you "partnered" with Alex and use his name and credentials for your own sales page and course pages.

You'll become "the expert" along with Alex and achieve instant credibility!


This course is rare in that it solves a problem most people face when establishing their website and presence online in their effort to generate traffic.

You'll attract customers who want to begin their website SEO the right way at the beginning AND customers whose sites haven't been ranking well and need to figure out why.

Get 5-star ratings for providing this stellar training!

Never worry about the course becoming "outdated".

Alex updates all his courses when necessary or when he simply wants to improve the material.

You'll get notified when the course has an update available, and about which module and video the update pertains to.

This means you'll only need to buy this course one time, and it will be an "evergreen" training course for you and your customers from that point forward!

Gain New Customers Who Will Become Repeat Buyers!

When your customers achieve real results, that's when they'll want to buy from you again and again...and this course will help them achieve the results they need!

Whether you provide it as part of a bundle offer (very popular), or as part of your paid membership, this training will be a helpful and effective solution for your customers.

They won't be able to resist seeing what other courses you have for sale!

About Alex Genadinik

Alex is a 20+ time Udemy bestselling instructor, known for his personable and engaging presentation style.

- 10+ years in entrepreneurship

- 10+ years in SEO and marketing

- Coached over 1,000 entrepreneurs, including some 7- and 8-figure clients

He's also a 3-time bestselling Amazon author with some of his books used in universities and high schools across the country.

Here Is What Several of Alex's Many Happy Students Had to Say About This Particular Course...

Mahfoud T.

Satisfied With This Course.

"i learned quite a lot from this course, most of what is taught here can be applied right away, the instructor explains things clearly. i'm satisfied with this course."

Fahad Hassan N.

It Will Help You A Lot.

"Taking this course helps me a lot in improving my existing concept and motivated me to do SEO Audit as a freelancer. I do recommend taking this course and it will help you a lot."

Nitish B.

Thanks and Great Work.

"I enjoyed the course and gained some valuable information which will help me to grow my website and rectify the issues which can harm the website ranking and position. Thanks and Great Work."

Robert B.

Great Course Alex!

"Alex has a very concise and detailed approach to teaching this sort of information.

Great presentation and attention to detail which makes it easier to digest all the information at hand.

So vital for any online business to utilise the methods discussed!"

Vlatko J.

Thank you.

"I was able to find many errors on my site and fix them - thank you."

Shahanawaz K.

Thank you Alex Genadinik

"I was very much confused about SEO audit. I completed some other SEO audit courses. But nothing close to this course. It was very in details and hand to hand course. I have learned many things."

Batrisyia K.

Satisfied Customer

"Easy to understand, clear, comprehensive"

Mohamed Al A.

Get Started On Track

"This course is good to get you started on track."

Cynthia C.

Awesome Resources

"Great information. Awesome resources."

Course Modules

15 Modules/ 48 Videos

1920x1080 HD

(see a video sample below the list)


Module 1: Course Introduction - 2 Lessons

001 - SEO Audit Course Introduction - Duration: 2:30

002 - SEO Audit Template - Duration: 5:03


Module 2: Site Crawling, Indexing, Accessibility, Tecnical Analysis - 6 Lessons

003 - Section Introduction - Duration: 1:23

004 - Google Search Console - Duration: 3:18

005 - User Experience Section of GSC - Duration: 3:51

006 - Checking For Site Accessibility - Duration: 3:46

007 - Broken Link Check - Duration: 3:01

008 - Website Uptime Check - Duration: 3:07


Module 3: Checking Duplicate Or Bad Content - 3 Lessons

009 - Ways Of Dealing With Thin Or Bad Content - Duration: 10:20

010 - Finding Pages To Improve Or Delete - Duration: 3:53

011 - Identifying And Getting Rid Of Bad Pages - Duration: 3:22


Module 4: Tracking Current SEO Traffic - 1 Lesson

012 - Google Analytics Introduction - Duration: 9:07


Module 5: Domain Level Factors - 4 Lessons

013 - Domain Level Factors Introduction - Duration: 0:28

014 - Does Site Age Matter For SEO? - Duration: 4:15

015 - What Is Page Rank, Domain Authority, And Do They Matter? - Duration: 7:06

016 - Page Optimization Prioritization Strategy - Duration: 3:42


Module 6: URL Structure - 3 Lessons

017 - Do Keywords In Domain Or Exact Match Domains Matter? - Duration: 2:51

018 - HTTPS Instead Of HTTP - Duration: 2:10

019 - URL Folder And Page Names Structures - Duration: 2:33


Module 7: Checking Mobile Friendliness - 3 Lessons

020 - On Page SEO Audit Section Introduction - Duration: 0:45

021 - Introduction To Mobile Friendly Websites - Duration: 3:27

022 - Using The Google Mobile Friendly Check Tool - Duration: 4:19


Module 8: Page Quality Audit - 5 Lessons

023 - Good Grammar On Each Page - Duration: 6:02

024 - How To Set Up The Yoast Plugin For SEO - Duration: 5:47

025 - Setting Meta Title And Description - Duration: 2:57

026 - Content Quality And Cornerstone SEO Pages and Rich Media - Duration: 5:25

027 - Image ALT Tag For SEO - Duration: 1:37


Module 9: Keyword Research - 4 Lessons

028 - Keyword Research Introduction - Duration: 0:53 

029 - 13-Step Keyword Research Checklist - Duration: 8:47

030 - Keyword Density Tool Uses - Duration: 7:39

031 - Optimizing For Voice Search - Duration: 4:54


Module 10: Site Load Speed - 6 Lessons

032 - Speed Update - Duration: 2:19 

033 - 3 Free Site Speed Analysis Tools - Duration: 8:11

034 - Critical Rendering Path Impact - Duration: 5:32

035 - Case Study And Taking Out Unused CSS From A Page - Duration: 4:38

036 - Case Study Of Reducing Image Size - Duration: 2:25

037 - Case Study Of Getting Rid Of JavaScript - Duration: 4:25


Module 11: Easy Wins For Faster Page Loading - 2 Lessons

038 - Page Speed Insights - Duration: 1:52 

039 - Further Reducing Image Size - Duration: 2:18


Module 12: CSS And JavaScript Minification - 3 Lessons

040 - Minifying CSS, HTML, and JavaScript - Duration: 4:42 

041 - Enabling Compression - Duration: 2:49

042 - Caching Plugins For WordPress - Duration: 2:06


Module 13: Using PageSpeedInsights - 4 Lessons

043 - Removing Unused CSS - Duration: 6:28 

044 - Unused CSS In A WordPress Template - Duration: 3:00

045 - JavaScript Defer And Async Tags - Duration: 2:12

046 - Experiment Of Removing Google Ads - Duration: 1:46


Module 14: Local Google SEO - 1 Lesson

047 - Which Businesses Are Local And Examining The Result Template - Duration: 3:02 


Module 15: Extras To Look Into - 1 Lesson

048 - Bounce Rates And SEO - Duration: 4:16 

Video Sample

See the video sample below from Module 2, Lesson 1 (003): "Section Introduction"

Click to play

Additional Materials Included With Your Purchase

You'll also get all of the following additional materials for this course with PLR to help you provide the training to others.

Audio Files

We've generated MP3 audio files for each video lesson. Provide these for people who want or need to listen to the training instead of watch it.


You'll also get the Machine generated transcripts that are about 85% accurate. Edit these a bit and post it on your lesson pages for each video. PLUS the closed caption (subtitles) files for each video.

Course Materials

You'll get the SEO Audit Template and all of the checklists, worksheets, and screenshots Alex provides his students for this course for the lessons he has these available for.

You Also Get A Sales Video Alex Made Encouraging Enrollment To The Course!

The sales video is 2:52 in duration.

Perpetual Updates Means This Course Will Be "Evergreen" for You and Your Customers Indefinitely!

Although I mentioned this earlier on the page, I can't emphasize enough what a benefit it will be for you to not have to worry about the course becoming outdated.

Alex updates all his courses regulary, and you'll be notified immediately when an update is available, so you can give your customers updated content for the course, which they will appreciate!

See the FAQ section further below for more details.

For Your Consideration...

This course could have easily been split into portions by us and offered to you in part as a front end offer, and then as an upsell offer for the rest of it (in which case you would be paying a lot more for the complete course at the discount price).

We didn't do that. For the one-time discount price below, you're getting the full blown, complete course, without any additional purchase necessary. You're actually paying considerably less for it than if the course had been split up.

How You Can Benefit Right Now!

The training was not created for selling it with PLR, but was created for end users to get real results. It has been updated, tweaked, and refined already for years up to the current date, and it's a proven winner.

And now it can be yours to sell as your own!

  • Sell it on your online course platform as a premium training course
  • Add it to your membership site to enhance the value for future signups
  • Combine it with other courses and sell it as a discount bundle offer!
  • Add it to a related product offer as a high value bonus
  • Offer it as the ultimate freebie to get more appreciative subscribers on your list!

You can also edit the videos and other content as you like, and repurpose the course as you prefer. See full PLR license details in the FAQ section below.

Get This Complete, Proven Training Course Now!

"50 Point SEO Audit"

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Summary of What you get!
  • 15 Complete Modules with 48 High Quality (1920x1080) Videos
  • 48 Audio Files and Transcripts 
  • Sales Video
  • Course Materials - Template, Checklists, Resources, etc.
  • Instant Access to Download all of the Files (No Access Restrictions)
  • Prompt and reliable support!
  • Perpetual Updates - You'll be notified immediately when updates are available.
  • 100% No Risk 30-Day Refund Policy If You Aren't Satisfied
  • PLR License - See License Details Below in the FAQ Section

Your Discount Price:


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Remember, you're getting the full blown course for the one time price. There are no upgrades you need to purchase afterward (you would be paying a lot more at the discount price if we had split the course up and offered you the rest of it as an upsell, but we chose not to do that).

See my refund policy, contact details, and PLR license terms below.

Zero Risk!
Refund Policy
Your 100% Satisfaction is assured

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just get in touch with our friendly support and you'll receive a prompt refund within 12 hours (usually much sooner).


How can I make sales with this course since it is already being sold on Udemy?

Udemy is indeed popular, but it's not the only platform making money from selling online courses. For every person who loves Udemy, many others don't like it. That's why several other competing platforms, like SkillShare and Teachable, for example, do well.

You can make sales easily by packaging the course differently also:

  • Package it together with other courses as a bundle offer (this is very popular with buyers right now)
  • Add it to a membership site where you have other courses, which will enhance the value of the membership.
  • Add it to a completely different but relevant product offer as a high value bonus.
  • Offer it as a super high value optin bribe for people to sign up to your subscriber list (you can do this under the license terms - see the FAQ entry further below)

With tens of millions of businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers around the globe, and with millions more beginning their business every year, you'll never run out of potential buyers for this course.

How do I know people will be interested in this course enough to buy it?

Before you try to sell an online course, you should always do market research to determine the demand, but with this course it's not necessary.


Most courses on Udemy barely get a few hundred buyers, but this course has sold several thousand units. The sheer volume of sales it has already generated should give you confidence that the course topic has high interest and will attract plenty of eager buyers for you.

What are the PLR license terms?

PLR TERMS AND CONDITIONS (you'll also receive a PDF copy of this license in the download area)

PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS LICENSE This license applies to the following training course products:


“50 Point SEO Audit”


Created by Alex Genadinik 

As sold by Joan Altres

PLR Terms and Conditions: 

[YES] Product may be sold separately 

[YES] Product may be bundled with other products 

[YES] Product can be a bonus for another product 

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites 

[YES] Can be added to a training course platform you own. 

[YES] Can add bonuses to the Product for sale 

[YES] Can be sold as a physical product 

[YES] Can be sold as a digital product 

[YES] You may use parts of the sales page to create your own sales page or course description 

[YES] You may rename the product 

[YES] You may edit the sales material 

[YES] You may edit the content of the product 

[YES] You may use the source code/material to create new products 

[YES] You may use the name(s) of the author/creator/seller of the Product 

[YES] Can translate the course into other languages 

[YES] Can be used to build a list 

[NO] Can be used for YouTube or other free video sites (but you may upload as a “private” or “unlisted” video on YouTube and other platforms where the video will not be listed publicly and discoverable by search) 

[NO] Can be added to free membership sites 

[NO] Can be given away for free (except for building a list as a lead magnet offer) 

[NO] Can be distributed freely or sold on sites that sell plr products (this course cannot be sold or given away on plr membership sites, period). 

[NO] Can be used or sold on Udemy, Skillshare, or other training course platforms you don't own (this restriction only pertains to purely training course platforms you don’t own, and not to marketplaces like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, ClickBank, etc.) 

[NO] Can offer Resale Rights 

[NO] Can offer Master Resale Rights 

[NO] Can offer Private Label Rights 


1. You may not sell this product or any of its rights if you ask for a refund. Your license will become null and void.

2. You must keep this license to verify yourself as an official licensee. You must be able to show the license on demand.

3. You may not market the product in any immoral, illegal, or unethical way (Spam).

4. You are responsible for your own hosting, download locations, payment processor and customer service to your customers.

5. Any violation of this license will be subject to revoking this agreement and potential legal action may ensue.

No Liability: 

Under no circumstances will the product creator, programmer, or any of the distributors of this product, or any distributors, be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this product.

This product is provided "as is" and without warranties. Use of this product indicates your acceptance of the "No Liability" policy. If you do not agree with our "No Liability" policy, then you are not permitted to use or distribute this product (if applicable.) 

Failure to read this notice in its entirety does not void your agreement to this policy should you decide to use this product. Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability or incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. The liability for damages, regardless of the form of the action, shall not exceed the actual fee paid for the product.

Any question you have about this license may be directed to: Joan Altres at

More details about "Cannot be sold...on training course platforms you don't own"

Maybe you have a online course platform you don't technically "own" that is a "done-for-you" platform and hosted for you, where you can upload your own training courses and sell them.

That's perfectly fine. You can sell this course on those type of platforms.

Here's the general "rule of thumb" you should follow:

If the training course platform has no marketplace, and you will earn 100% of your sales, that is acceptable, and you are good to go. Upload this course and sell away!

But if the platform has it's own marketplace and you'll only earn a portion of the sale for your own courses you upload, that is not acceptable. You cannot post this course on platforms with that kind of setup.

Product launch sites, like Warrior Plus, JVZoo, ClickBank, and other sites where products are listed for sale and have a marketplace (Gumroad, AppSumo, etc.), and similar sites, are also fine. You can sell this course on those sites as well.

What makes this course worth the price compared to others that cost less and offer more materials?

These days you can get a lot of content for under $10! And some of those products are really good - we promote many of them ourselves and encourage people to take advantage of those great deals when they can.

But with many of those under $10 offers, you have to buy at least the first upsell before you get the full content of the course. With this course, that's not the case. You're getting the full course when you purchase it.

Another thing that makes this course worth the price is the fact that it has already been proven to be a course that people will buy and that will truly help them. No guessing. You're buying a proven winner.

And lastly, not many courses give you perpetual updates like this. That alone makes this a real bargain. For just the one time price, you get any and all updates as soon as they are available, and Alex has been updating his courses for years to keep everything current to maintain good feedback from his students. It's a true "evergreen" course purchase.

Also, we are not a "biz-in-a-box" PLR provider, and although we do not supply you with ready-made sales pages and such, you are welcome under the license terms to use portions of our sales page as you like for your own sales copy, course description pages, etc.

Why Are Some of the lesson titles different than the ones on Udemy?

Alex likes to use really long, descriptive titles, especially for the actual raw video files, and so we made all the titles more concise - both with the lesson titles and matching video titles, audio titles, and transcript titles.

Our lesson titles and file name changes make everything more organized and clear for you. But the license gives you the right to change the titles to anything you prefer.

How will updates to the course be delivered to me?

After you purchase, you'll be placed on two different email subscriber lists:

  1. Our General Newsletter list
  2. Our Course Updates List

Even if you unsubscribe from the General Newsletter list, you'll always receive immediate updates from the Course Updates list, which we only use to send you notifications about course updates and our own course launches (we don't promote third party offers to the Course Updates list).

Alex has been updating his courses for many years, and we have structured the folders of each module so that they are neatly organized for you, along with the names of the videos matching the names of the audios and transcripts, etc.

Whenever there is a new update, we'll notify you immediately, and we'll let you know exactly which type of content has been updated, what module and lesson it pertains to, and where you can find it in the folder scheme we have put together for you.

How Do I Request A Refund?

I always provide prompt refunds when requested within 30 days of the time you purchase. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, contact me at requesting a refund, and please provide your transaction ID which you can find in your receipt from Warrior Plus after you buy.

Please allow up to 12 hours for your refund to be processed from the time your request it. Thank you!

I have more questions. How do I contact support?

I love to hear from my customers and I answer all customer emails personally.

You can contact me any time here:

Because I answer customer emails personally, please allow up to 8 hours before contacting me again about the same concern (but feel free to send additional information as needed). If I'm awake, I usually answer within the hour I receive your email.


Thanks for Checking Out This Offer!

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly here:

I know you'll be pleased with this course, and that's why I stand firm on my rock solid 30-day refund policy if you aren't satisfied. There is absolutely no risk to buy this, so get it now before the discount expires, and you'll be glad you did.