Flagship PLR Series:

"Kidpreneur Kickstart"

Launching May 9th at 8 a.m. CST (9 a.m. EST), 2022

Hey there, JVs!

This product is an excellent 8 module, 24 video training course with PLR, for a topic important for parents who want to build parenting skills by helping their kid(s) start a business!

This course doesn't just cover the typical business ideas for kids (like mowing lawns and selling lemonade) but provides a lot of ideas most parents would never think of.

The thrust of the course is for parents to be directly involved, starting a business with their kid(s), not just for their kids, and it also addresses businesses for kids according to personality type.

You'll earn 50% commissions for all products in the funnel, and there are 4 total - each product is a complete video course, no upgrades needed.

Everyone who buys the FE will see all the OTOs either as an upsell or downsell.

Launch start: May 9th, 2022 at 8 a.m. CST (9 a.m. EST)

Launch end: May 13th, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CST (12:59 a.m. EST, 14th)

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FE - Flagship PLR "Kidpreneur Kickstart" - Launch Price: $14.80 (fixed price). 60% Discount - Price goes immediately to $37 after the launch ends.

OTO1 - Flagship PLR "Procrastination Reversal" - Launch Price: $25.60 (fixed price). 60% Discount - Price goes immediately to $64 after the launch ends.

OTO2 - Flagship PLR "Entrepreneurship Start Your Business" - Launch Price: $59.50 (fixed price). 50% Discount - Price goes immediately to $119 after the launch ends.

OTO3 - Flagship PLR "Customer Service, Support, and Experience" - Launch Price: $47 (fixed price). 50% Discount -Price goes immediately to $94 after the launch ends.

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Possible Subject Lines:

[PLR] Kidpreneur Kickstart Video Course
[PLR] Help Parents Give Their Kids Business Experience
[PLR] How Kids Can Make Money
[PLR] Teach Kids Business Skills
[PLR] Help Kids Go Beyond Selling Lemonade
[PLR] A Parenting Course Teaching Business Skills to Kids

Email Body Copy:


Here is a unique, 8 module, 24 video training course with PLR you can sell to parents who will be thrilled to learn how they can help their kids start a business!


And the best part is this course has already been proven to sell, so you don't have to guess if it will make sales for you.

Parents who have purchased this love the course (you'll see the real testimonials on the sales page - nothing fake)

And the training goes beyond selling lemonade and mowing lawns!

But your buyers of this course don't need business skills in advance to teach their kids how to start their own business.

Each module and lesson gently leads parents to consider all the possibilities for their kids and the steps needed. Nothing too complicated.

It's the perfect introduction for parents who may have never thought about starting a business, meaning you can sell them more courses down the road after they buy into the idea.

But this course is only on sale for a few days.

Right now you can get it for a 60% discount, so don't hesitate to see the full list of video lessons and the sample video on the sales page.

See it all here:


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